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Public Sector

Digital transformation has become an end-goal within the public sector space in government and this is in reference to use of services and systems such as cloud computing and big data technologies to make existing processes more effective and efficient.

Digital Transformation.

It can be observed that the digital transformation process within the public sector is patchy and can be disappointing to government CIOs who struggle to be responsive when it comes to developing fully formed digital initiatives with the term “Digital Transformation” being used to refer to more modest IT initiatives such as putting services online and pursuing legacy modernization.

Tylersoft Eclectics being cognizant of the Digital Transformation challenges within public sector has plunged onto this space and has partnered with governments, development agencies, parastatals, county governments, councils and state corporations to offer innovative and efficient citizen-centric solutions that promote digital transformation.

Solutions for Public Sector.


Tylersoft Eclectics is a duly authorized Payments Aggregator in the Republic of Botswana and provides payment aggregation services.

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ERP technology is getting better and better at bringing all your business processes together to improve collaboration.

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